Learn all about Facebook and make it work for YOUR Business

Learn how to take control of Social Media channels for your business so you can use them

time efficiently, effectively and get results!

You can choose to go through all Course Content or pick which Courses you would like to learn. All classes are taken through Skype and at your own pace with the tutor. You can put into practice what is being taught by following through at the same time as your tutor and ask questions along the way.

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Social M Powerment Tutoring Program:

Course 1 – Facebook for Business
i) Facebook Overview
ii) Facebook Advertising and how it works
iii) Facebook Reports/ Connecting to Instagram
iiii) Facebook Posting Strategies
iiiii) Facebook Maintenance Strategies
Course 2 – Instagram for Business
i) Instagram Overview
ii) How to Set up Instagram for Business
iii) Instagram Posts/ Hashtags/ Reposts
iiii) Instagram Advertising
iiiii) Influencer Marketing and Rules around Instagram
Course 3 – Google Business Accounts and Adwords for Business
i) Google for Business Overview
ii) How to set up all of the Google Business Platforms 
iii) How to create a one page website using Google Business
iiii) How to create an Adwords Campaign Part I
iiiii) How to create an Adwords Campaign Part II
Course 4 – Twitter for Business
i) Twitter Overview
ii) Building a businesses credibility using Twitter
Course 5 – Pinterest for Business
i) Pinterest Overview
ii) How to use Pinterest for business
Course 6 – LinkedIn for Business
i) LinkedIn Overview
ii) How to set up Linkedin Business Page and what content to post
Course 7 – Neighbourly for Business
i) Neighbourly Overview/ why Neighbourly is good for businesses/ how to set a business page up
Course 8 – How to create simple and professional business websites
i) Creating simple websites Overview
ii) How to create a simple website using WordPress Part I
iii) How to create a simple website using WordPress Part II
iiii) How to create a simple website using WordPress Part III
iiiii) How to create a simple website using WordPress Part IIII
Course 9 – How to tie Social Media channels to work off each other
i) Effectively using all Social Media channels to get outstanding results
Not included in program but optional:  
i) How to easily create Canva Posts for all Social Media Channels
ii) How to create advertising videos easily for Social Media Channels

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